Sunday, March 13, 2011

Purex Crystals Review


I received a sample of Purex Crystals in the mail the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the product. Purex Crystals are a grandular form of fabric softener that you put in your laundry with the detergent at the start of the was cycle, not in the fabric softner compartment.

Besides being futuristic and cool looking the obvious difference I noticed was that it is really very fragrant. Other softners leave a very suble scent but the crystals leave a noticeable scent that will fill your house while washing. If this is something you look for in a product then you will be extremely happy with it. In my house that is all we really use fabric softner for, the pretty scent!

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More info on Purex Crystals (found on their webpage):

- Light and fluffy softness

- 92% natural Ingredients

- For all loads including towels, children's sleepwear, and sportswear

- Add at the start of the wash

- Free of oil-based softening ingredients found in liquid softeners

- Scent that lasts for weeks, not days

You can also head over here to view more info on this product & last time I checked they had a $1.00/1 coupon too!

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