Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*Amazing* $20 Amazon Card for $10 - Use it to buy Economy Pack Diapers for $10.00!

LivingSocial is offering a $20 Amazon Card for $10.

Only an e-mail address is required to sign up for livingsocial. This offer is limited to one per person.

This is an awesome deal, I always buy my diapers from Amazon so this ends up being an instant savings on my diaper deal. Using my deal scenerio found here, for 174 diapers (size 4), it comes to around $18. If you use your $20 gift card (that cost you $10) that's less than $0.06/diaper with money left on your card! Can you tell I'm excited about this?

To check out my Amazon Diaper Deal go here.

To get your $20 Amazon Card for $10 go here!

Hurry, the offer is good today only and I am unsure if they will run out of them, so if you shop on Amazon and want to take advantage of this deal do it quickly!

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