Sunday, January 16, 2011

*UPDATED* Paid to Buy Toilet Paper at Rite Aid!


NOTE - I tried this deal today and no additional $3 UPR printed :( All the $1 UPR printed making them free but no moneymaker on the TP! It's possible that it is working on the facial tissue so I'll have to try that next trip!

It's possible that the Rite Aid toilet paper that is on sale tomorrow may be producing a $3 UPR when you buy 10. That means you will be paid $3 to buy 10 rolls!

Your deal would look like this:

Buy (10) Rite Aid TP $10.00
Get 10 $1 UPR
Get $3.00 +UPR
Free + $3 UPR

Hope this works! I will update tomorrow once I try it out!

Thanks, For The Mommas

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