Monday, January 17, 2011

Rite Aid TP & Tissue Deal Limit


It appears that Rite Aid is limiting their Toilet Paper & Tissue deal I posted here, to 1 per household :( The UPRs for any that you buy after the first are not printing.

Some people have been able to get the additional UPRs as a store credit if you speak to the manager and show them the ad since their is no stated limit. This is on a store by store basis.

The new deal would look like this:

Buy 1 Rite Aid bath tissue single, Simplify 4 pack or Rite Aid Tissue - $1.00
Get ONLY 1 $1.00 UPR (regardless of quantity purchased)
1 item free after UPR

It seems that these type of deals go fast so my advice for future sales like this would be to go Sunday before the rush and before Rite Aid catches on and changes their sale.

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