Monday, January 17, 2011

Toilet Lock - Product Review


Ok, so Samson has been obsessed with the Toilet lately. It used to be he just enjoyed flushing it, which was okay and kinda cute but lately he has discovered that there is water in there! OMG how much fun is that! Now not only does he try to throw things in there, splash his hands and watch it move when it flushes, but he tries to get in! His little foot almost makes it up to the top. Okay that's not cute!!!

So off to Babies R Us we went to find a toilet lock. There was only one to choose from for $20.00. Now, if this was my only option, $20.00 for my child's saftey is worth it but we live in the computer age so I decided to do some research online.

After browsing through a few different varieties I found Mommy's Helper Toliet Seat Lid-Lok, it was priced at $7.00 (free shipping with Amazon Mom) and the reviews were mostly positive (most of the other product reviews were horrible).

I ordered it for $7 with free 2 day shipping. Once it arrived I installed it with no tools necessary. Samson had a fun time throwing all the parts in the toilet before I could get them on but overall the installation was fairly easy and took about 10 minutes.

We have had it on for about two weeks now and it does it's job. the lid stays closed. It is easy for grown-ups to open (once you read the instructions) and Samson has given up on trying to open it.

Initially I was weary because he was pulling on it so hard and it is only made of plastic but it held. So yes I would recommend this product & for the price it is awesome! I consider this a savings $20 (Babies R Us lock) - $7 (The one I bought) = $13 Savings!

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